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The RAID Open Water 20 course and the PADI Open Water course both offer an introduction to the wonderful world of recreational Scuba diving
Once certified, the diver together with a buddy, can dive to a maximum depth of 20 meters (with RAID) or 18 meters (with PADI). Both courses are 3 full days and include theory, shallow water practice and 4 open water dives. PADI requires "4 dives" (no matter how long or short those 4 dives are). RAID demands "120 minutes of real dive time" (even if that means doing a fifth dive!) RAID Explorer 30 and PADI Advanced Open Water Courses allow even newly qualified divers to raise their skill level. (Open water courses and Advanced courses can be done back-to-back.)
Both courses are 2 full days. Deep 30 and Navigation are compulsory with both agencies, a Buoyancy dive is compulsory with RAID. Add Adventure dives resulting in a total of 5 dives. Instructor ratios are a maximum of 4 students per instructor.


The RAID Advanced 35 is a unique course that raises the recreational diver's standard to a level that all divers should strive to reach.
The course takes 3 to 4 days with theory, shallow water practice and 6 open water dives.
RAID Explorer 30 and PADI Advanced Open Water Course dives can be credited to the course, though the minimum requirement for the course is a RAID Level 1 or PADI Open Water.
RAID Master Rescue and PADI Rescue Courses then follow together with Respond Right Asia or Emergency First Response courses.
Both are 3 to 4 days and require RAID Level 2 or PADI Advanced Open Water.
Both are mandatory if the diver wishes to become a professional


Both diving agencies offer specialty courses teaching divers the skills they need to go beyond the Open Water limits.These courses include specialties such as Enriched Air, Deep 40, Wreck, Night, Navigation, Search & Recovery and many more…It are usually two day courses conducted by an qualified instructor.Courses such as these are serious fun and a great way to raise the knowledge and skill levels of the student. Ask us or visit the RAID and PADI agency’s websites for more details.


Many recreational divers choose to join the diving industry as Divemasters or Instructors At Scubadawgs we train both RAID Level 4 Divemasters and PADI Divemasters teaching students the skills they need to be able to work in the diving business
Divemaster courses are 4 to 6 weeks and require training to Rescue Diver level and a number of logged dives before the start of the course.A Divemaster is then able to guide divers, assist Instructors and conduct refresher courses
We are a RAID Instructor Trainer Centre and conduct Internships to take divers from Open Water Level to Instructor over a period of 6 months. For more experienced divers we offer shorter courses from Divemaster to Instructor
PADI Divemasters would then go on to complete their Instructor training at a PADI Instructor Training Centre